Shared bins are accessible to all residents of a multi-unit development or retirement village. 

Before you submit a request for shared bins read the information below and bin charges, terms and conditions

Online requests for shared bins must be submitted by Owners’ Corporation Managers or Retirement Village Managers. These include requests for: 

  • New bin/s 
  • Bin size increase for existing bin/s 
  • Bin size decrease for existing bin/s 
  • Cancellation (removal) of bin/s 
  • Kitchen caddies only

Request shared bins

Requests for repairs of damaged bin lids or wheels or replacement of damaged or missing bins can be submitted by property owners, tenants, Owners' Corporation Managers or Retirement Village Managers. 

Other Bin Arrangements

Bins for properties that do not have an owners’ corporation (such as standalone houses) can be requested here.  

Multi-unit developments that use a private bin collection service are not eligible for Council bins.  

Shared Food and Garden Organics (FOGO) Bins

For all new users of shared FOGO bins, Council will provide a food and organics kit which includes a kitchen caddy, compostable bin liners and brochures. 

Find out more about our FOGO service.  

Fees for Shared Bins

All properties that have access to a shared Council bin will be charged a fee for access to that service. This fee will appear as an item on the annual rates notice. 

The fee for shared FOGO bins will be finalised with the Budget and is likely to be $66 per year, which is the charge for the smallest available food and garden organics bin of 140 litres.

Find out more about the Waste Service Charge.

Timeframe and Approvals

Please allow approximately two weeks for us to assess your request.

All requests are subject to Council assessment and approval. Please note that a different bin arrangement or combination might be approved.

We will contact you if we need further information or need to discuss your request.

Terms and Conditions for Shared Bins

  • Owners’ Corporation or Retirement Village Manager authorised to order bins on behalf of residents/block of units must acknowledge that all property owners will be charged the relevant fees on their Rates Notices.
  • Owners’ Corporation or Retirement Village Manager cannot be invoiced for shared bins.
  • If a shared food and garden organics bin is ordered, each unit will be charged a minimum charge of 140L food and garden organic bin capacity. Refer to bin fees.
  • Applicants must be an authorised representative of the Owners Corporation or Retirement Village and accept responsibility that the information provided in the online request form is true and correct, and have notified or acquired permission of all property owners, in relation to modifications with the kerbside waste arrangements.
  • Shared bin requests are subject to Council assessment and approval.
  • Applicants must have read and understood Council Waste Service Terms and Conditions and be authorised to submit an online request.