Food and Garden Waste Service

Soon residents of Whitehorse will be able to put their food waste to good use by recycling it through the new food and garden waste collection service from July 2022.

Further details about the service will be provided once details are finalised to ensure our residents are well prepared prior to service commencement. So don't start just yet!

In the meantime, if you are eligible for a garden organics bin and don’t have one, you can order one by calling Council on 9262 6333 or by ordering online.

About the service

The optional food and garden waste service will be available next year from July 2022. This service will allow for food and garden waste to be recycled in the green-lidded kerbside garden organics bin.

The introduction of the new service is a key action in our Waste Strategy, 'Rubbish to Resource', developed following community consultations in 2018.

Environmental Benefits

The average Whitehorse garbage bin contains approximately 44% of food waste and more than 50% organic waste, which is a valuable resource being sent to landfill.

The introduction of this service will be a fast and easy way to reduce waste to landfill and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as create a valuable compost that can be used for farms, parks and gardens across Victoria.

It is anticipated that by introducing the new service, we will be able to divert an estimated 13,500 tonnes of food and garden waste annually.

Financial Benefits

In addition to the significant environmental benefits, this service will also bring long-term financial benefits to the Whitehorse community.

Space in landfill is limited and the costs of sending waste to landfill is ever-increasing. By 2023, landfill costs are anticipated to be 30% more expensive than the Food and Garden Waste service.