Weed Trees of Whitehorse

Weed trees are often aggressive invaders which have a high seed germination rate. Many species grow rapidly and quickly take over an area, allowing them to outcompete native species.

On Council land, mature weed trees are often allowed to remain in parklands because of the canopy benefits that they provide, although care is taken to remove seedlings and plant more appropriate species for the future. If you have a weed tree in your garden you may wish to do the same and recognise the benefits of its canopy but ensure seedlings are controlled. 

If you decide to remove a weed tree from your property, and your property is under the Significant Landscape Overlay 9 (SLO9) you are exempt from a planning permit.  You must be sure of the species as there are some that look similar before you take action. You should also consider replanting with a more appropriate canopy tree to ensure our urban forest ( PDF 2.08MB) is not diminished.



Weed Photo

Box Elder - Acer Negundo

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Thumbnail Box Elder

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Cape Wattle - Paraserianthes lophantha



Thumbnail Cape Wattle

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Cherry PlumPrunus cerasifera



Thumbnail Cherry Plum

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Cootamundra Wattle - Acacia baileyana

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Thumbnail - Cootamundra Wattle

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Cotoneaster - Cotoneaster (all species)

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Thumbnail - Cotoneaster

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Desert Ash - Fraxinus angustifolia

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Thumbnail - Desert Ash

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Hawthorn - Crataegus monogyna

Regionally Controlled Noxious Weed

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Thumbnail - Hawthorn

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Mirror Bush - Coprosma repens

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Thumbnail - Mirror Bush

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Privet - Ligustrum (all species)

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Thumbnail - Privet

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Radiata Pine/Monterey Pine - Pinus radiata

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Thumbnail - Radiata Pine/Monterey Pine

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Sallow Wattle - Acacia longifolia

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Thumbnail - Sallow Wattle

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Sweet Pittosporum - Pittosporum undulatum

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Thumbnail - Sweet Pittosporum

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Willow - Salix (all species)

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Thumbnail - Willow

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