Tree Removal, Lopping and Pruning

The City of Whitehorse has a number of overlays that protect trees and vegetation on private and Council land throughout the municipality. These overlays are intended to preserve and enhance the landscape within Whitehorse. 

New developments must be designed to be sympathetic to existing trees and vegetation including street trees on Council land, adjoining properties and your property.  

Step 1 - Click on Whitehorse Maps to establish if there are any overlays on your property. All residential properties currently have some level of tree protection.

Step 2 - Once you know which overlays affect your property refer to the relevant information below to determine if a planning permit is required.

Step 3 - In the event a planning permit is required, check to see if it is a VicSmart Application ( PDF 105.88KB)

Step 4 - Refer to the relevant checklist within your overlay(s) below to ensure all the relevant documentation is submitted with your application. 

Step 5 - Prepare all relevant documentation. A copy of the title can be requested from Landata. Further information to assist in this process is available at Request a Copy of Title.

Step 6 - Once you are ready to submit your application lodge and apply online.

If you would like written confirmation whether a planning permit is required, please lodge a Planning Information Request.

Refer to Fee Information to view the application fee for a Planning Information Request.

Types of Tree Protection

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