Works Zone Parking Restrictions

A Works Zone is a restricted parking area along the immediate frontage of a construction site that provides safe access for loading and unloading of construction vehicles. Council will install the signage that marks out the area as a Works Zone. 

You will need to get a permit from Council if you wish to create a Works Zone on any road, including arterial (main) roads. You may also need to check what Related Permits you will need. 

 All Works Zones must meet the requirements of:

How do I apply for a Works Zone Permit?

Apply online and upload a copy of your Works Zone plan.

Who can apply?

  • Property owner(s)
  • Builders or developers


How long does it take?

Allow 5 business days for processing and assessment of your application. Incomplete or incorrect applications will delay this process.

Approval and Signage Installation

Once your application is approved, we will email a permit to you. The permit will include the approved dates for the Works Zone, the standard terms and conditions for Works Zones and any other requirements specific to your application.

Works Zones are valid for the dates listed on the permit and must not be used before or after these dates.

Once you receive a permit, it may take up to 4 weeks for Works Zone signage to be ordered and installed.

If you have received the permit and Council signage has not been installed before the start date on the permit, you may use bollards to temporarily section off the Works Zone until the proper signage is installed.

Expiry and Extensions of Time

Works Zone Permits are valid for 6 months. If you need to extend the duration of the Works Zone, you can apply for an extension - for a minimum of 1 month and maximum of 6 months at a time.

Apply online to extend a current Works Zone Permit

Council will remove signage when a permit has expired and the permit holder has not applied for an extension. If you continue to use a Works Zone without a valid permit, infringements may apply.

For more information about Works Zone Permits phone Engineering & Investment Administration on 9262 6177.

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