Advertising Signs

Some advertising signs may need a planning approval depending on land zoning and the type, size and placement of signage a planning permit may be required prior to installation. It is recommended that you find out if a permit is required for any signage you are considering.

Clause 52.05 - Signs of the Whitehorse Planning Scheme outlines the regulations and requirements that apply to signs. The purpose of this clause is to:

  • regulate the development of land for signs and associated structures.
  • ensure signs are compatible with the amenity and visual appearance of an area, including the existing or desired future character.
  • ensure signs do not contribute to excessive visual clutter or visual disorder.
  • ensure that signs do not cause loss of amenity or adversely affect the natural or built environment or the safety, appearance or efficiency of a road.

There are some signs that don't need planning permits as outlined in Clause 52.05-10.

Signs are defined by the planning scheme, some common signs are below.

If a planning permit is required refer to the planning permit application checklist for signs ( PDF 165.22KB) to ensure all relevant documentation is prepared and submitted with your application.

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