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Application Type Description Apply
Stormwater Legal Point of Discharge Report Find out where to connect your property's stormwater and whether you will need to also apply for Plan Checking/Approval. Find out more Apply online
Drainage or 'Civil' Plan Checking/Approval Council assessment of drainage design prepared by a certified engineer - if required by the Report. Find out more (Not currently available online) See forms below
Civil Plan Checking (Subdivision) Council assessment of subdivision plans prepared by a certified engineer. (Not currently available online) See forms below
Drainage Permit Apply for Council consent to undertake drainage works on a Council road or easement. Works should be in line with the Stormwater Report and if relevant, the approved Drainage Plan. Find out more Apply online
Inspection of Works  on Arterial (main) Roads If the drainage works are on an Arterial (main) road you will need to apply for a Council Inspection instead of a drainage permit. VicRoads' consent will need to be obtained first. Find out more Apply online

Visit Do I need a Permit? for more information about what permits you may need.

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