Residential Noise

Noise can come from residential activities such as parties, renovations, building and construction works, appliances, air conditioning and pets. Under the Environmental Protection Act (1970), it’s an offence to cause unreasonable noise from residential premises. Unreasonable noise is determined by its:

  • Volume
  • Intensity
  • Duration

Before making a complaint to Council first discuss any noise issues with your neighbour or the person responsible for the noise. On many occasions, a person may not even know that they are causing a nuisance. If this doesn’t work you can report a noise issue to Council. 
For more information, read the EPA Annoyed by Noise Publication or the Victoria Legal Aid Neighbours, the Law and You.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) specifies times when items of equipment such as motor vehicles, lawn mowers, electric power tools, air conditioners etc. are not allowed to be used under the current EPA Noise Regulations.

Even within permitted hours, equipment use noise may be unreasonable. Contact Council for advice.

Common Noise Issues

Getting Help to Reduce the Noise