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Council have created dedicated activation pods located at Box Hill Mall, Britannia Mall, Mitcham and Brentford Square Shopping Centre, Vermont for Whitehorse community groups, charitable/not-for-profit groups and activation teams to host and coordinate.

To book a hireable activation pod read through our Activation Pod Booking Guidelines ( PDF 139.1KB) before submitting your online booking.

Council will contact you within 7 working days to confirm your dates.

Activation pod information and locations

The pods are for hire by local community groups, charitable groups and activation teams.View photos of the pods before booking them.

Refer to the map for location of each pod and Risk Management Plan ( PDF 84.11KB) for booking requirements before requesting to book and completing the following online form.

Activation Pod booking form

For any enquiries contact 

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Activation Group
Are you a local community groups, charitable groups or activation team?
Do you offer membership to Whitehorse residents?
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I have public liability insurance cover of $20 million
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I have read and understood the guidelines and confirm that I am an eligible applicant and will otherwise comply with all aspects of these guidelines.  

You are not eligible to book the Kiosk.

Please review guidelines below.

Activation Details
Select your answer
Read the Activation Pod Guidelines (updated November 2022).
Activation booking type?
  • Low: music from small portable speaker, singing without microphone
  • Medium: some noise via loud speaker  
  • High: sound system, live music
Placemaking Risk Management Plan
Please review and agree to which risk hazards apply to your event.

To notify Council of further risks email

For the duration of an activation, eligible applicants must agree to the following and notify Council of more risks:
Manual handling
Hazard Consequences Control Measures
Including lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, carrying Bodily injury or back pain suffered by staff, volunteers and contractors
  • Trolleys may be used if required to transport equipment around site
  • Heavy items are delivered as close to their point of use as possible
Slips, Trips, Falls and Knocks
Hazard Consequences Control Measures
Caused by wet or slippery ground, hazards such as electrical leads or uneven ground and sharp objects
Bodily injury or pain suffered by staff, volunteers, contractors and the public
  • Pod hirer/ community group inspection to identify patches of uneven ground and path
  • Activities are undertaken during daylight hours
  • Pod hirer/ community group will be encouraged to ensure no objects left in walk ways.
  • Rubbish bins available within and surrounding the event site area
  • All leads to be taped/ secured to ground
Accessibility access
Hazard Consequences Control Measures
Insufficient access and facilities for people with accessibility need
Potential risk of alienating or creating distressful situations for members of the public with accessibility needs
  • Ensure safe access for people with visual impairment or restricted mobility
Emergency vehicles access
Hazard Consequences Control Measures
Insufficient access for emergency vehicles
Potential risk to emergency access, causing delay in emergency response
  • Maintain access for emergency and delivery vehicles
  • Ensure all activities are conducted in the boundary of the activation pod and not impede public space
Property and asset damage
Consequences Control Measures

Potential for Public Liability Claims
  • Ensure provisions are provided to store goods & assets safely
  • Ensure that sufficient staffing numbers are onsite to monitor participants and public
  • Ensure pod facilities are maintained
  • Comply to any written or verbal instructions from Council or relevant authorities
COVIDsafe and public health
Consequences Control Measures

Potential risk of COVID-19 disease spreading
  • Check and act on latest Governement advice as per guidelines:
  • Ensure sanitizer is available and equipment is sanitised before and after use
  • Enforce mask wearing and social distancing where possible
  • Advice participants to stay home if they are feeling unwell
Waste management
Consequences Control Measures

Potential risk of contamination or injury
  • Check availability of bins, ensure all waste is responsibly removed after event and activation pod is left clean
First Aid
Consequences Control Measures

Risk of injury or illness
  • Have first aid kit available at all times during activation. Ensure kit is fully stocked. Check if any participants have other medical issues and a management plan. If medical emergency arises, call 000
Children's safety
Consequences Control Measures

Potential harm to children engaging in activities
You are required to upload valid Working with Children certificate/s. You can upload multiple documents as required.
Unlimited number of files can be uploaded to this field.
10 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf, jpg, jpeg, png.
Dates Requested
  • Minimum 4 weeks advance notice required
  • Maximum 4 in total including weekend dates. If we are unable to secure your preferred dates we will liaise alternative dates with you
  • Council will contact you within 7 working days to confirm your dates
  • Council can offer extra bookings on a case by case basis. This is subject to approval. To enquire, submit your request in the text field below, explaining when and why you require extra bookings.
Which Activation Pod/s would you like to book?

If you select 'Not sure" as a preferred activation pod, a Council Officer will select an available pod for you based on your preferred location.

Select the checkbox to confirm this is a valid submission.