Residential Noise

Noise can come from residential activities such as parties, renovations, building and construction works, appliances, air conditioning and pets. 

Under the Environmental Protection Act (2017), it’s an offence to cause unreasonable noise from residential premises. Unreasonable noise is determined by its volume, intensity and duration. Even within permitted hours, equipment use noise may be unreasonable. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) web site has more information about Residential Noise.

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    Resolving Noise Issues

    Before making a complaint to Council, Victorian Police or the EPA, first discuss any noise issues with your neighbour or the person responsible for the noise. On many occasions, a person may not even know that they are causing a nuisance. The EPA Residential Noise web page has more information on how to deal with residential noise.

    If the noise problems persist, you could contact the Dispute Settlement Centre on 1300 372 888. These centres specialise in settling differences between neighbours. They can arrange mediation between yourself, the person responsible for the noise issue and a mediator to help solve the problem. This process is free and has a high success rate.

    If talking to your neighbour and dispute resolution do not, work you can contact Council for advice.

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    Common Noise Issues 

    Noise Issue Reducing Noise Reporting Noise Additional Information

    Residential Noise:

    • Air Conditioning
    • Heat Pumps
    • Pool Pumps
    • Power tools
    • Lawn Mowers
    • Residential Construction
    • Limit your hours of use
    • Select a quieter air conditioner
    • Locate air conditioners as far away as possible from neighbours and away from sensitive areas, such as bedroom windows
    • Regularly service your air conditioner unit - lack of maintenance can cause higher noise levels
    • Erect a solid fence or barrier
    • Instal an acoustic enclosure
    • Modify equipment - discuss this option with the manufacturer or installer.
    Contact Council

    EPA Residential Noise Booklet

    Barking Dogs Contact Council Barking Dogs web page
    Stereos and Musical Instruments
    • Don't play music when neighbours may be asleep
    • Don't play loud music outside
    • Use headphones
    • Adjust speakers to turn down the bass
    • Turn off sub-woofers at night
    • Keep doors and windows closed if you have guests inside
    • Move parties inside at night
    • Ask your guests to be quiet when they leave
    • Warn neighbours prior to the party

    Call Victoria Police on 000 or your local police station on 131 444.

    For repeated or regular issues with party noise, contact Council

    EPA Residential Noise web page
    Burglar Alarms

    Instal alarms that cannot be:

    • Heard beyond the property boundary 10 minutes after it starts.
    • Reactivated without being manually reset.
    Contact Council City of Whitehorse Community Local Law 2014 ( PDF 202.61KB)
    Rubbish Collections - Council

    Collection times:

    • 6 am to 6 pm on scheduled collection days.
    • From 5 am for major arterial roads, near schools, hospitals, train stations and difficult to access areas with Council approved early collection.
    Contact Council and ask for the Waste Collection Team in Environmental Services Rubbish and Recycling web page
    Rubbish Collections - Private
    • Contact the business with the rubbish bin and discuss how times could be varied
    Contact Council and ask for the Environmental Health Team EPA Residential Noise web page
    Council Buildings Contact Council

    Council Halls and Function Centres


    Commercial Premises and Major Industry
    • Attempt to resolve directly with the person or premises responsible for making the noise.

    Contact Council and ask for the Environmental Health Team


    EPA’s 24-hour pollution hotline on 1300 372 842

    Commercial and Industrial Noise web page
    Construction Sites
    • Developers are required to have noise control measures in their planning permit.

    Contact Council and ask for the Environmental Health Team


    EPA’s 24-hour pollution hotline on 1300 372 842

    Commercial and Industrial Noise web page
    • Contact the school directly and discuss the noise issue.

    Department of Education and Training


    the independent school


    Catholic Education Commission of Victoria

    Department of Education and Training

    Regional Office - 9265 2400.

    Your Work Place
    • Refer noise issues to your line manager.
    Contact your Workplace Health and Safety Representative Worksafe web page