Construction Management Plans

The requirement for preparation of a Construction Management Plan (CMP) is imposed through a condition on a planning permit. This condition is usually applied to large or difficult to build developments. A CMP helps builders and developers reduce disruption to neighbouring residents and the environment during the demolition, excavation and construction of a building site. 

The CMP may be required to address some or all stages of a project, from demolition and excavations to construction and civil remediation. It looks at public safety, site security, operating hours, noise control, air and dust management, stormwater and sediment control and waste and traffic management. 

In some instances where approved by the Council, Construction Management Plans can be staged to address the different project stages.

Diligent assessment of Construction Management Plans by the council is required and is vital to: 

  • Equitable community access 
  • The equitable amenity of an area
  • Legislative compliance 
  • Management of council assets
  • Environmentally responsible practices.