Construction Management Plans

The requirement for preparation of a Construction Management Plan (CMP) is imposed through a condition on a planning permit. This condition is usually applied to large or difficult to build developments. A CMP helps builders and developers reduce disruption to neighbouring residents and the environment during the demolition, excavation and construction of a building site. 

Whitehorse City Council have introduced new permits and fees in relation to Construction Management Plans commencing soon for Equipment and Plant Equipment and Out of Hour Permits.

Before submitting a CMP for assessment, contact the Construction Management Liaison Officer on 9262 6303 to discuss the requirements prior to submitting your application. This will help streamline the application process and outline ongoing requirements. 

All CMP applications must upload a completed CMP Guidelines and Sign-off Document. ( PDF 2.26MB) and can be paid and lodged online.

Lodge a CMP

Step 1. Contact CMP Liaison Officer

Step 2. Lodge a CMP application

Step 3. Lodge a related application

View application fees

More information on related Permits and Consents

Following is a list of CMP related permits and consents with more details

Asset Protection

Property owners or contractors must obtain an Asset Protection Permit prior to the commencement of any building work.

Deliveries to Site

Find out what is defined as a delivery and what permits may be required.

Inspections, Compliance and Planning Infringements

Find out about inspections, compliance and Planning Infringement Notices (PIN).

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator

Find out about access of road networks for heavy vehicles.

Out of Hour Permits

Need to undertake work outside of permitted hours?

Plant and Equipment Permit

Using a crane or placing plant and equipment on Council land?

Report and Consent - Protection of the Public Regulation R116

Need to erect precautions to protect the safety of the public over the street, road or footpath?

Skip Bins and Shipping Containers

Find our about placing a skip bin or shipping container on Council land.

Temporary Road Closures/Road Occupation

Need to close a road or make changes to existing pedestrian/vehicle movement?

Utility Connections and Works by Authorities

Find out about connecting utility services and works by authorities.

Vehicle Crossings (Driveways)

Find out about the process to change, widen, move, add or reinstate/repair a vehicle crossing.

Work Zones

Need a restricted parking area along the immediate frontage of a construction site?