Construction Management Plans

The requirement for preparation of a Construction Management Plan (CMP) is imposed through a condition on a planning permit. This condition is usually applied to large or difficult to build developments. A CMP helps builders and developers reduce disruption to neighbouring residents and the environment during the demolition, excavation and construction of a building site. 

Whitehorse City Council have introduced new fees for all Construction Management Plan Assessments and Approvals submitted as of 1st July 2021.

Whitehorse Council has a Construction Management Liaison Officer who can assist with guiding the preparation of a CMP. This will enable all the appropriate information to be contained within the documentation when lodged, and can assist with understanding the process through the lodgement and approved phase. Our CMP Officer can be contacted on 9262 6303.

All CMP applications must upload a completed CMP Guidelines and Sign-off Document. ( PDF 2.26MB) and can be paid and lodged online. If the documents are above 100MB please email the documents after you have lodged your application to