Council meetings are open to the public. 

In addition, Meetings can be viewed via Council's live stream platform live stream.

People can now Submit your questions electronically to be answered at the Council meeting as part of public question time, using the form below.

Questions submitted to the Council must be lodged electronically via Council’s Online Question Time by 12:00 noon on the day of the Council Meeting and will be read-out during public question time.

An individual may submit two questions to any one meeting.

Questions submitted to Council must state the name and address of person submitting the question.

A member of Council's Executive Leadership Team will respond to your question(s). Alternatively a written response may be provided to the question(s) as long as you have provided contact details.

Your question(s), name and the suburb in which you reside shall be read out in the public meeting and form part of the Minutes of the Council Meeting.

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Your Questions
Questions must be submitted by 12 noon on the day of the Council Meeting and will be read-out during public question time.

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The Chairperson of the meeting may disallow a question if it:

  • relates to matters outside the duties, functions and powers of Council
  • is defamatory, indecent, abusive, offensive, irrelevant, trivial or objectionable in language or substance
  • deals with a subject matter already answered
  • is aimed at embarrassing a Councillor or a member of Council staff
  • relates to matter that Council has deemed to be confidential in nature.

All questions and answers must be as brief as possible and no discussion is allowed other than for purposes of clarification. 

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