Think Local Buy Local

The Think Local Buy Local message has never been more relevant as our businesses recover from what has been a truly unprecedented year. Your shopping decisions count!  

By Buying local you:

Think Local Buy Local - Effects

Whitehorse has everything you need!

Whitehorse has everything you need right at your doorstep whether you are shopping with your feet or online. It is time to revisit or discover what is in your own backyard.

Get to know your retail precincts

In June 2020, Council officers with alternative duties, audited over 1,500 ground floor businesses across 66 retail precincts*. The audits are scheduled to happen every 6 months to start with and will then occur yearly. The June audit provided us with important baseline information such as business types and vacancies.

The second audit occurred in December 2020 a revealed an overall decrease in vacancies compared to the initial audit (9.76% in June 2020, 9.19% in December 2020). Future audits will help us monitor vacancies, identify trends and assist with strategic planning.

The changes in the top three business categories from June 2020 to December 2020 were:

  • Food and Beverage (For example, café, casual dining, takeaway) was 23.90% in June 2020 whereas December 2020 was 24.07%
  • Personal Services (hair, beauty, massage) increased from 11.95% in June 2020 to 12.32% in the December 2020.
  • Grocery and Fresh Food (For example, bakery, green grocer, convenience store/milk bar, supermarket bottle shop, butcher) was 9.05% in June 2020 and grew to 9.26% in December 2020. 

*excluding privately operating hard top centres (For example,Forest Hill Chase, Box Hill Central)  and precincts less than 5 properties.

Help lead Australia’s economic recovery

We all know the benefits of buying locally, but have you ever wondered about what the real impact buying Australian Made has on the economy? We did and recent economic analysis revealed the following. 

If every resident in Whitehorse spends $100* at local businesses on Australian Made goods and services, it is estimated that 71 jobs will be supported across the Australian economy. Should these goods and services be sourced from businesses that are also Australia owned, this increases to an estimated 89 jobs. If the expenditure on Australian Made goods and services is directed at Australian owned business with strong local supply chains and a greater use of Australian inputs, an estimated 105 jobs will be supported.

* Focus is on consumption expenditure by households in Whitehorse. Typical reliance of imported goods and services for industries in Whitehorse. All analysis, data and commentary presented relies on data sourced from the Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Whitehorse Supporting Local Map

Whitehorse Supporting Local Map

Campaigns to Support Business

There are many campaigns that encourage Thinking Local and Buying Local, not only in Whitehorse but also Victoria.