Allergen Information

Allergies can occur from a number of different sources, ranging from pollens, medication, pets and even food.  An allergy occurs when your body’s immune system reacts to a substance that is normally harmless.  A reaction to a food is your body’s immune system reacting to a particular protein found in food.

In Australia, there are 10 declared allergens that must be declared on all packaged food as a warning statement.  They are:
•    Gluten
•    Crustacea
•    Egg
•    Fish
•    Milk
•    Peanuts
•    Soybeans
•    Sesame seeds
•    Tree nuts
•    Lupin

Allergic reactions can be severe and even fatal.  If you are eating out, ensure that you disclose your allergy to the staff at the food premises.  

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