Heavy Vehicles Kept on Residential Properties

Under Council’s Community Local Law (2014) S4.4 ( PDF 280.06KB) residents require a permit to park, keep, store or repair large vehicles such as trucks or buses on private property in residential areas. Large vehicles have gross mass over 4.5 tonnes or are longer than 7.5m.

By monitoring where large vehicles are kept Council can ensure they are:

  • Maintaining the amenity of its streets and neighbourhoods
  • Reducing the impact of noise and fumes
  • Identifying safety and parking impacts these vehicles can have for local residents.

Applying for a Permit

To apply to keep a large vehicle on private property, you must complete the Heavy Vehicles Kept on Residential Properties Permit application form ( DOCX 44.35KB), pay the permit fee and provide the following documentation:

  • A sketch plan of where you plan to keep the vehicle
  • A copy of the current vehicle registration papers
  • Proof of residency on an official document showing name and address of the Whitehorse residence to be used to store the vehicle. For example, the vehicle registration, a copy of your rent receipt or a letter from the property owner confirming your residency.

Council will take into account the considerations listed on the application form and ask the opinions of your neighbours when making a decision.

If your heavy vehicle permit application is unsuccessful:

  • You will be notified in writing
  • Your heavy vehicle permit fee will be reimbursed to you in full