Desexing Your Pet

Having your pet microchipped and desexed is part of being a responsible pet owner. We recommend that cats and dogs be desexed if you are not keeping them for breeding.


From 2010, Whitehorse City Council requires all cats being registered for the first time to be desexed unless exempt. Compulsory cat desexing laws are designed to reduce the number of unwanted litters and un-owned cats. View the Council order ( PDF 93.97KB)

Cats Exempt from Desexing

Cats can be exempt from desexing if:

Benefits of Desexing Your Pets

Financial Benefits

  • Desexing your cat or dog makes you eligible for reduced pet registration fees.

Health Benefits

  • Reduced risk of getting cancer or other diseases of the reproductive organs.
  • Females can suffer from physical and nutritional exhaustion if continually breeding.
  • Generally live longer and healthier lives.

Behavioural Benefits

  • Helps with an animal's temperament and help make them easier to control.
  • Cats are less prone to wander, fight, and are less likely to get lost or injured.
  • Reduces territorial behaviour such as spraying indoors.
  • Less likely to suffer from anti-social behaviours. They become more affectionate and become better companions.
  • Eliminates "heat" cycles in female cats and their efforts to get outside in search for a mate.

Financial Assistance in Having Your Pet Desexed

Holders of concession cards maybe eligible for assistance with the cost of desexing for their pet, please contact council for a voucher.