Dog Off-lead Areas

There are 22 parks and reserves in the City of Whitehorse where you can exercise your dog off-lead.

Download the dog off-lead parks 5km radius map ( PDF 611.5KB), view the interactive dog off-lead parks map for locations or download a print-friendly map ( PDF 636.21KB).

Dogs (except for greyhounds) can be exercised off-lead in the parks and areas listed, provided the owner:

  • Carries a lead and poo bags
  • Has the dog in view and within 25 metres
  • Can immediately make the dog return to them on demand
  • Does not let the dog cause nuisance to any other park users
  • Keeps the dog under effective control (see below for more information about "effective control")

Please Note: The dog off lead provisions do not apply for greyhounds.  Greyhounds must be on a lead not longer than 1.5 metres at all times when in a public place including City of Whitehorse designated dog off lead areas. Please consider using the City of Manningham Greyhound Slipping Track.

City of Manningham Greyhound Slipping Track

The Manningham Greyhound Slipping Track is a fully fenced dog run available to Whitehorse greyhound owners where greyhounds (and any other breeds) can be legally exercised off-lead and where greyhounds can "free gallop".

Greyhounds are a very gentle, loving and placid breed but, due to the fact that they are capable of running at speeds up to 70 km/h, it is both unsafe and illegal to allow them to run off-lead in public places.

The Slipping Track is located in Stintons Reserve, Park Orchards and is provided predominantly for the safe exercise of greyhound racing dogs, retired racers and adopted racers that have come from organisations such as the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) or the Greyhound Safety Net. It is also available to owners of other breeds who need a safe and fully enclosed area to exercise their dogs.

Most slipping tracks such as this one work on a subscription system where you pay a small fee and are provided with a key to unlock the gate. 

For more information about the Manningham Greyhound Slipping Track Inc and their prices, email or visit their Facebook page.

Effective Control

Dogs must be kept under effective control at all times.

This is regardless of whether the dog is being exercised in a dog on-lead or off-lead area

Effective control by command means the dog must be:

  • Within 25 metres of the owner
  • The owner is able to see the dog at all times
  • The owner can recall the dog immediately when needed

Effective control is not:

  • Allowing your dog to run up to or jump onto other people
  • Having the dog walking behind you and not having your dog in sight at all times

If you do not have voice or hand signal control of your dog, keep them on a lead.

For more information, read the Dog Off-lead Order 7 of the Domestic Animals Act 1994 ( PDF 134.83KB).

All Other City of Whitehorse Areas

In all other public places, including while walking to the off-lead parks, on footpaths and in any other parks and reserves, you must have your dog on a lead and it must be wearing its registration tag.

Refer also the the areas where you cannot take a dog.

Dog Off-lead Areas