Housing and Accommodation

Housing and accommodation in the City of Whitehorse includes social affordable housing and shared accommodation housing such as rooming or boarding houses.

Whitehorse Affordable Housing Policy

Whitehorse City Council has an Affordable Housing Policy ( PDF 176.4KB) which outlines what Council will do, or will consider doing, to support social and affordable housing within the municipality. The policy is currently under review and will be updated.

Eastern Affordable Housing Alliance

Council is a member of the Eastern Affordable Housing Alliance (EAHA), a collaboration with the cities of Knox, Manningham, Maroondah, Monash and Yarra Ranges.  The EAHA aims to ensure that the most disadvantaged people in the Eastern Metropolitan Region (EMR) have access to safe, secure and affordable housing.

As many of the factors influencing housing affordability are beyond the control of local government, the EAHA advocates the State and Federal Government for investment and policies to increase the supply of social and affordable housing in our region.

Read the latest research ( PDF 379.52KB) about social and affordable housing needs in the EMR. 

Crisis & Emergency Accommodation

Are you experiencing homelessness or are at risk of homelessness?  Please contact Community Housing Ltd (Ground Floor 19-23 Prospect Street, Box Hill), an entry point for assistance, 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. The contact number for Community Housing Ltd is 03 9856 0098.

Alternatively you can contact the Eastern Homelessness Network on 1800 825 955 to speak with a homelessness entry point worker (free call from a landline). The worker will discuss with you services and supports that may help.

Public Housing

Public housing is a form of long-term rental housing that is owned and managed by State Government.  To be eligible for public housing you should live in Victoria and meet the current income and assets limits. For more information please visit the HousingVic website.

Social Housing

Social housing is short and long-term rental housing that is owned and run by the government or not-for-profit agencies, such as housing associations.

The Gowanlea Independent Living Units in Box Hill provide accommodation for residents over 65 years of age who are able to live independently.

The Combarton Street Rooming House provides accommodation to single males over 30 years of age.

HousingFirst manages Gowanlea and Combarton Street Rooming House on behalf of Council. Please contact HousingFirst for more information.

Housing and Homeless Statistics


Learn more about housing and homelessness statistics in the City of Whitehorse