Child Safety

Children and young people must be kept safe by the organisations and adults who work with them. 

Council is committed to child safety. We provide a working environment that values safety, diversity and inclusion for all children and adheres to the Victorian Child Safe Standards and related legislation. 

If a child is in immediate danger or the incident relates to child sexual or physical abuse, you must call 000

    Reporting a Child Safety Concern

    Please complete a Child Safety Incident Report Form if you are concerned about the conduct of a Council Employee, Volunteer, Contractor or Councillor towards a child or young person. Any complaints will be treated seriously and in accordance with the Reportable Conduct Scheme

    You can report any child safety concerns, to Council via the Child Safety Incident Report Form or phone 03 9262 6334.

    If you or the person wanting to make a report, speaks a language other than English, you can contact Council via the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) on 131 450.

    Any concerns will be treated seriously.   

    You can also make a report to the Commission for Children and Young People by emailing or calling 03 8601 5884 (Monday to Friday).

    Helpful Resources:

    The Child Safe Standards

    Council has taken steps to safeguard child safety and adhere to the Child Safe Standards. Understand how our policies protect children and young people from harm. 

    Information for Children, Young People and Families

    Child friendly information and resources for families, children and young people.