Tally Ho Major Activity Centre

The State Government identifies the Tally Ho area as a Major Activity Centre which includes a major business park and employment hub with good access to public transport.

The surrounding area also features a number of key sites that will be developed in the future and they will play a vital role in maximising the investment in Tally Ho to strengthen the activity centre’s economic role in the region and to broaden the mix of land uses.  The government’s long term vision and objectives for activity centres are set out in Plan Melbourne.

Tally Ho will be a focus for change. The City of Whitehorse in partnership with the community prepared an Urban Design Framework ( PDF 9.51MB) to influence what form this change may take. The Victorian Government contributed funding for this project. 

The Urban Design Framework includes broad development principles for the whole area, as well as specific design guidelines for some of the major sites that are ready for redevelopment. The Urban Design Framework explores ways to improve the Tally Ho area for residents, businesses and visitors and to provide direction for future development. At its meeting on April 16 2007, Council adopted the Tally Ho Urban Design Framework.

Amendment C110 implemented the Tally Ho Major Activity Centre Urban Design Framework 2007 ( PDF 9.51MB)and subsequent work on the Tally Ho Urban Design and Landscape Guidelines 2013. ( PDF 9.01MB)

To find out more about the project, please phone the Strategic Planning Department on 9262 6303 or email customer.service@whitehorse.vic.gov.au