Energy Performance Contract (EPC)

Whitehorse City Council has signed an Energy Performance Contract (EPC) with Ecosave Pty Ltd to fast-track installation of $2M worth of energy efficiency upgrades at eight of Council’s highest energy consuming sites over the 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 financial years.

These works will enable Council to achieve permanent energy and financial savings of more than $275,000 annually, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 1,300 tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), and accelerate Council's progress towards its target to become carbon neutral by 2022.

About the Project

Energy efficiency upgrades as part of the EPC will include the following locations: 

  • Aqualink Box Hill
  • Sportlink
  • Box Hill Town Hall
  • Box Hill Community Arts Centre
  • Eley Park Community Centre
  • Whitehorse Civic Centre
  • Whitehorse Operations Centre and 
  • Whitehorse Recycling and Waste Centre

Key Features of an Energy Performance Contract

  • Proven and holistic way to deliver energy efficiency measures with guaranteed cost and energy savings that are verified using international standards
  • Includes installation of solar panels, lighting changeovers or upgrade of heating and cooling equipment
  • Permanent greenhouse gas emissions savings of 1,343 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually will accelerate progress towards Council's target to become carbon neutral by 2022
  • Overall financial payback period of just 7 years, after which Council would maintain the benefit of ongoing operational financial savings of $277,966 annually due mainly to lower energy consumption
  • Limits Council’s exposure to future energy price shocks
  • Provides higher quality amenity and service to the community by improving building performance

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